Assessment Property Finder Database

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The City's Real Estate Assessment Information Database is designed to provide online access to property information records. By Virginia law, real estate records are public information. The ability to see this information online makes it easy for property owners to validate their records and compare assessments to comparable properties.

It also allows errors to be more easily discovered and brought to the Assessor's attention, which results in improved accuracy and equity in the city's property tax assessments. This website does not allow a name-based search of assessment records.


The Assessment Information Database provides detailed information on all properties in the city. The properties can be located using an address or the property's identification number. Navigating the city map, zooming in on the desired area, and then selecting the property with the pointer can also locate a property.

Printing Information

Once a property has been located, it is highlighted and the basic information about the property is displayed. The map and or the table can be printed using the web browser's print function.


For questions about the Assessment Information Database, contact the Assessor at 703-248-5022 (TTY 711).

Important Note

Please note that this resource is updated periodically and may not reflect today's actual data. Please check back for updates.