Zoning Division

Temporary Zoning Regulations to Help Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

To help businesses and support the public’s access to food and retail services during this pandemic, the City Manager can do the following:

  • Allow Certain Temporary Signage without a Permit: Businesses can use temporary signs and banners that promote a drive-up, carryout-style of food and beverage without a permit, provided that no vision or safety obstructions are created. See requirements here.
  • Allow Certain Business to be Conducted Outside: Businesses can take and deliver food and beverage orders from the immediate vicinity of the business entrance or within its parking lot. See requirements here.
  • Allow Temporary Conversion of Parking Spaces for Certain Uses: Businesses can convert their assigned parking spaces to use for ease of carry-out. In the future, should the Governor’s Orders allow, parking spaces could potentially be used for tents and outdoor seating. (See Governor Northam’s Current Executive Order FAQs.)


The Zoning Division administers and enforces the city's zoning ordinances, and assists the public with zoning regulations and potential land development in the City of Falls Church.

Staff work with the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) on special use permits and variances, and with the Architectural Advisory Board (AAB) to review commercial signs and the landscaping and architectural details of new construction and site plan review.
Confirm Property Is Within City Limits
Before preparing plans or drawings and/or submitting an application, make sure the property is within the City of Falls Church's 2.2 square mile limits. The postal service has assigned Falls Church mailing addresses to many properties that are not actually located within the city. For more information visit the Development Services section.