Public Works Services

  1. City Mapping

    Include GIS, Public Maps & Data, Impervious Surface Mapping, Real Estate Assessments Maps, and more.

  2. Collections

    Wednesday is Waste Day: collections for trash, recycling, brush, and special bulk collections.

  3. Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Learn about hazardous waste and how to appropriately dispose of it.

  4. Litter

    Gather information about what the city does to keep litter out of the community.

  5. Recycling

    Get details about recycling in the community.

  6. Sewer

    Access details about sewer services offered in the community.

  7. Solid Waste

    View information about solid waste services, including collections.

  8. Street Sweeping

    Find out when the city does the street sweeping.

  9. Urban Forestry

    Led by the City Arborist, this division's vision is to enhance a livable community with a sustainable, healthy urban forest.

  10. Water

    Obtain information about water services in the community.