Existing Businesses

  1. Assessment Property Finder Database

    The city's Real Estate Assessment Information Database is designed to provide online access to property information records.

  2. Business Assistance

    The Economic Development Office (EDO) staff bring years of hands-on development experience to help you find solutions to your business expansion or relocation needs!

  3. Business Incentives

    Learn about the city's business incentives such as the Commercial Property Rehabilitation Tax Abatement Program and industrial revenue bonds.

  4. Business License Renewal

    Access city business license and federal tax information.

  5. Business Tangible Personal Property Tax

    The City of Falls Church levies a tax on tangible personal property (TPP) used in a trade or business (furniture, fixtures, machinery, and tools) located in the city on January 1.

  6. City Taxes

    View city tax information and resources.

  7. Close / Move Your Business

    Learn about Business Closure procedures.

  8. Commercial Property Rehab Application

    Apply for tax breaks for commercial building improvements through the city's Commercial Property Rehabilitation Tax Abatement Program.

  9. Industrial Revenue Bond Application

    Submit application materials to City of Falls Church Economic Development Authority (EDA) for the review of acquiring, constructing, or renovating real property.

  10. Meals Tax Report

    Fill out the monthly meals tax report if your business sells food and/or alcoholic beverages.

  11. Transient Occupancy Tax Form

    Download the Transient Occupancy Tax Return Form to the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

People walking and siting outside a business