1. Status of Cindy Mester's project (Richard Rankin and Jerry Barrett).
  2. Marketing Falls Church City through FCC-TV (Robert Sherretta).
  3. What do citizens want when they seek information about making a video at FCC-TV? That question leads to other questions: Should the amount of training a person needs depend on that person's programming objectives? Should all producers be required to have the same level of technical training? The answers will guide the board in determining whether the level of training currently provided by station staff is adequate for all citizens' objectives. Perhaps we should consider more advanced training for those citizens who want to produce more sophisticated programs. That answer, in turn, may lead to a decision that current staff members need more advanced training. (Robert Sherretta and Ken Feltman)
  4. If one partner decides to terminate participation in the PEG agreement, what are FCCAC options and obligations? Do we have an obligation to assist the City and Schools retain the funding they receive from the cable companies if we are the terminating partner? (Mark Rhoads, Richard Rankin and Ken Feltman)
  5. Re-involving the Schools in FCC-TV: How is the current GMHS class doing? Can we assist or provide something that will enhance their learning experience? Does the School Board intend to fill the vacancy on the FCCAC Board?
  6. Election of new board member.
  7. Other business.