Virtual Meeting
 Thursday, September 10, 2020 6:00 p.m.

NOTICE: The meeting for which this agenda has been posted will be held pursuant to and in compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Section 2.2-3708.2 and state and local legislation adopted to allow for continued government operation during the COVID-19 declared emergency.

All participating members of Retirement Board will be present at this meeting through electronic means. All members of the public may view the meeting via this Skype for Business meeting link: Public comment and questions may be submitted to until 6:30pm on September 10, 2020. All comments are provided, in full, to the members of the Retirement Board and comments received by the deadline will be summarized during the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will be conducted via Skype. If you do not already use Skype, you will be prompted to install it when clicking the meeting link, so please take some time ahead of the meeting to do so. If needed, there are short instructions to install the application following the meeting agenda. Please email if you need assistance with installation. During the meeting, staff will likely not be available to assist with installation.

Download a PDF version of this agenda. 


Call to Order


Roll Call



(3 minutes) - informational


(time as required)

Review and Approval of Draft Minutes

Review and Approval of draft Minutes from May 14, 2020 meeting (3 minutes) - action

Fiduciary Training- Segal Consulting

(55 minutes) - informational

Second Quarter of 2020 Investment Performance Review for the Basic and Police Pension Plans and OPEB

Mary Nye of AndCo Consulting (20 minutes) - informational


Review of Investment Fees for Basic, Police and OPEB plans


2019/2020 Training Plan

5 Minutes
  1. IFEBP Investments in Today’s Climate Presentations (Mester, 7 hours) - informational 
  2. Researching virtual and/or nearby in-person options (Larry, Rick, Cindy or Kiran in rotation)- informational 
  3. October Real Estate Basics by AndCo
  4. Travel expense per attendee limit discussion (Trustee request)

Retiree Rehire Clarification/ Plan Amendment

(15 minutes) - informational (November action)

Codifying Demographic and Economic Valuation Assumptions/ Plan Amendment

 (10 minutes) - informational (November action)

Administrative Fee Methodology Follow up/ Plan Amendment

(15 minutes) - informational (November action)

Legal General Pension Plan Clarifications/ Plan Amendment

(5 minutes ) - informational (November action)

Plan Administrator’s Report

Cindy Mester (10 minutes) - informational 
  1. Administrative Quarterly Report- beneficiaries, training and administrative expenses - Attached
    1. Retirement Board Work Plan status - Attached
  2. Retirement Purchase of Service In-house Tool- [hold]
  3. Insurance coverage renewal and premium costs [hold]

Staff and Public Participation protocol

 [hold possible in-person November discussion]

Other business not on the agenda

 (3 minutes)

Closed Session

(15 minutes) - action or schedule follow up meeting

  1. VA code Section 2.2-3711.A.16, for the discussion of medical and mental health records subject to the exclusion in subdivision 1 of section 2.2-3705.5, specifically the determination of a disability under the City’s pension plan.



Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 12, 2020 (Location: COVID-19 emergency virtual or in-person Dogwood A&B)

Accessing Skype or Skype for Business – New Users

Accessing Skype – New Users
  • Smartphone: If you plan to view the meeting on a smartphone, access your preferred app store to download the “Skype” app. You will have to allow Skype access to some features on your phone and accept their terms and conditions. 
  • PC/Windows: If you plan to view the meeting on a personal computer, visit to download and install the program. You will have to allow Skype access to some features on your computer and accept their terms and conditions. 
After downloading Skype:
  • Click the advertised meeting link to join the Skype meeting. 
  • When the app opens, click ‘Join as Guest’ and enter your name. Click the blue arrow to continue. 
  • The meeting will start with your microphone and video features turned off. As an observer, you can view or listen to the meeting without these features. If you are a meeting participant, you should enable at least the microphone feature. Video is not required but may be useful. Depending on your role in the meeting, there may be restrictions on whether you can speak during the meeting.