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Jul 29

What's the Latest Update on the Parker Ave. and Kent St. Traffic Calming Case?

Posted on July 29, 2014 at 2:38 PM by OCOM Specialist

By Paul Stoddard, Senior Planner

The Parker Avenue and Kent Street traffic calming case has had a long life. Residents originally submitted a request for traffic calming in February 2013. Between that time and July 2013, neighborhood residents, the Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (CACT), and staff worked to develop a traffic calming solution. The proposed solution was distributed to the neighborhood and supported by 73 percent of neighborhood households.

In February 2014, the City Council allocated $100,000 in funding to implement the proposed solution. Due to timing constraints, City staff were unable to proceed with the project until July 2014. Advancing the project sooner would have put grant funding for other projects at risk.

City staff are now proceeding with implantation. This will include additional meetings with the neighborhood to discuss potential construction impacts, potential temporary measures in advance of construction, and ultimately construction of the neighborhood supported solution.

More information about the project schedule is available on the project webpage. Also, please visit the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTC) for more information.