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May 08

New Website, Better Community Engagement

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 3:54 PM by Susan Finarelli

By Susan Finarelli, Director of Communications

Welcome to the new city website! Your Communications Department has been working hard for over a year to create a better online solution for engaging with the government, from City Council and Public Works to Recreation and Parks and the Mary Riley Styles Public Library.

In addition to a more clearly organized website, there are a number of new features, like a new mobile version, the How Do I... option on the main menu, Notify Me updates straight to your email, and the RequestTracker for reporting concerns like potholes and zoning ordinance violations.

But we still have more to come! This website will evolve, as all websites do. Now that we've launched, our next priorities include creating a projects page with updates about new development (like the Reserve at Tinner Hill) and city improvements (like the stoplight at Broad St. and Pennsylvania Ave.).

We're also going to make this blog feature a way for staff to communicate with the public in a less formal manner. We'll also use this forum as a avenue for answering burning questions, like is the Community Center getting a swimming pool (a long-standing, untrue rumor), and how the work of Urban Forestry is about more than just making the city pretty (it's about public safety, too).

A few of the other "phase two" website improvements include growing the photo galleries, creating more fillable online forms, and creating a better connection for videos produced by FCCTV.

Earlier this year we asked for community feedback on what is now the old website. We used those comments to build this version. We hope you are as excited by it as we are. We always welcome your constructive criticism; a lot of times, hearing from the community confirms what we feel is a priority for improvements.

Explore the new website, then contact us and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you, and continuing to improve community engagement through the website.