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May 11

Improving Safety for Bicycle Travel in the City of Falls Church

Posted on May 11, 2015 at 4:32 PM by OCOM Specialist

In May 2014, the Planning Commission and City Council adopted the “Mobility for all Modes” plan as the City’s master transportation plan by unanimous votes. That plan establishes a vision for the City of providing safe choices in travel modes. Pursuant to that vision, the plan calls for adoption of a bicycle facilities plan that connects the City’s commercial areas, neighborhoods, transit facilities, schools, regional bicycle facilities, and designated bicycle routes in neighboring jurisdictions.

In April 2015, City staff began working with the Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (CACT) and the Planning Commission to develop a bicycle master plan that identifies future bicycle routes through the City and corridors for expansion of Capital Bikeshare.

The draft bicycle plan identifies numerous benefits to bicycling, including economic, environmental, equity, and public health benefits. The plan also acknowledges that biking is not for everyone. Just like some people are not able to or choose not to drive an automobile or ride transit, some people are also unable or choose not to bike. Therefore, the plan acknowledges that different people have different transportation needs and desires and specifies that any changes to the transportation network should accommodate the accessibility needs of all travelers. It is by providing safe travel options for users of all modes that the vision in the City’s Mobility for all Modes plan will be realized.

Information about this planning effort is available on the City’s website. A community open house is schedule for Wednesday, May 13 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM in City Hall. Community members are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting to learn about the ongoing effort and to provide feedback on the draft plan.