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Nov 03

Department of Public Works Transportation Updates

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 2:17 PM by OCOM Specialist

By Stephanie Rogers, P.E., Transportation Engineering Supervisor

The Department of Public Works (DPW) wants you to be informed about updates around the City. Learn about two new transportation updates:

Louvers at East Broad and Cherry
The Department of Public Works was alerted to a speeding issue on North Cherry Street, mainly in the southbound direction. Some motorists tend to speed up on this residential street which is now adjacent to a preschool in order to make it through the intersection before the traffic signal at East Broad Street goes red. We installed louvers in June 2015 so that drivers cannot see a green or yellow signal indication until they are much closer to the stop line. This has caused several drivers to slow down and proceed more cautiously toward the traffic signal. This is the only intersection in the City with this treatment and the residents of North Cherry Street have been very helpful and supportive of this change.

All-Way Stop at Little Falls and West Columbia
Due to limited sight distance and the relatively high risk for conflict between opposing vehicle movements and different modes, DPW installed stop signs along Little Falls Street at West Columbia Street in August 2015. These signs were uncovered once stop lines were installed in early September 2015. The bright “New” plaques on top of the signs are there to alert motorists of the new regulation and will be removed once the community has had a chance to get used to them. This generally takes 3-6 months.

At both locations, these solutions were proposed to supplement the residents’ Neighborhood Traffic Calming (NTC) application. DPW manages all traffic control devices, including signs, signals and pavement marking, and can make improvements outside of those in the NTC toolbox to address safety concerns. To request the removal, upgrade or installation of a traffic control device, please submit a request to DPW via the online Request Tracker. For more information about the difference between traffic control and traffic calming, please refer to the NTC handbook.