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Dec 08

W&OD Master Plan: The City’s Greenest Street

Posted on December 8, 2015 at 10:57 AM by OCOM Specialist

Why Plan for Parks?
Parks have the potential to bring a lot of benefits to the City. As identified in the City’s Master Plan for Parks, titled “Parks for People”parks can provide social and health benefits by providing space for social interaction and exercise. Parks can provide environmental benefits like wildlife habitat, stormwater mitigation, and improved air quality. Parks can even bring economic benefits by attracting labor to work in the City and business to locate in the City.

Why Plan for the W&OD?
The City’s Parks for People Plan calls for developing a connected network of parks, connecting neighborhoods throughout the City with greenways (linear parks) and parkways (tree-lined streets). The W&OD Railroad Regional Park (which includes the W&OD Trail) is a major component of that plan. The Park stretches from the west side of the City to east, passing through residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors along the way. The Park is also one of the biggest in the City, with 16 acres of space.

What’s in the Draft Plan?
The draft plan uses three key concepts to enhance the attractiveness, usability, and safety of the Park. First, the draft plan introduces typical trail and landscaping sections to separate pedestrian and bicycle travel, clear invasive plant specifies, and increase tree canopy coverage. Second, the draft plan recommends changes to the trail/street crossings to slow street traffic, increase visibility, and shorten crossing distances for trail users. Third, the plan suggests updates to existing plazas along the trail introduce more covered seating, historical information, and information about nearby restaurants and upcoming cultural events.

How Can I Get Involved?
There are several ways to get involved drafting this master plan for the W&OD Park. Stay up to date by checking out the latest draft plan and presentation on the project webpage. Send comments to Paul Stoddard. Attend public and community meetings, see project webpage for the latest schedule.