What is the Watershed Management Plan?
In February 2012 City Council adopted the Watershed Management Plan, which is a planning document that establishes a roadmap for the city to restore and maintain a healthy, sustainable aquatic ecosystem in the Tripp's Run and Four Mile Run watersheds while providing adequate flood control and the safe management of stormwater runoff. The plan offers the most complete and detailed information concerning the city's stormwater needs.

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1. What is the Stormwater Enterprise Fund?
2. How much is a stormwater utility fee going to cost me?
3. What is the effective date of the stormwater utility fee? When will the first bill go out?
4. What is the annual cost of the city’s Stormwater Management Program?
5. How is the stormwater management program currently funded and what is its annual budget?
6. What will the Stormwater Enterprise Fund pay for?
7. Who has to pay the fee?
8. Do other Virginia jurisdictions have a Stormwater Enterprise Fund?
9. What is the Watershed Management Plan?
10. What is the condition of the city’s stormwater system?
11. What is going on with the Chesapeake Bay and how does that impact the city?
12. Isn't stormwater already cleaned at the sewage treatment plant?