What are the new stormwater development criteria?
The tougher standards outlined herein include the state’s minimum requirements and those proposed by the City of Falls Church. The criteria are being implemented as part of the state-wide effort to restore water quality to the Chesapeake Bay. These values stem from scientific research on stormwater runoff and the pollution it generates in the form of phosphorus.

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1. Why is the city changing the stormwater ordinance?
2. What are the new stormwater development criteria?
3. How does impervious cover impact volume of stormwater runoff?
4. What happens to the 35% cap on impervious coverage for residential property?
5. What does the new standard mean for single-family homeowners?
6. How does this relate to the city’s new Stormwater Utility Fee?
7. Will this solve drainage problems in my neighborhood?
8. When does this go into effect?
9. Where can I find more information about stormwater?