How does this relate to the city’s new Stormwater Utility Fee?
In April 2013 City Council approved the Stormwater Utility Fund, which is an enterprise fund with a dedicated revenue source that can only be used for stormwater expenditures. A fee will be assessed to each property within the city based on units of 200 square feet of impervious cover (e.g. roof, driveway, walkway, and patio).

The effect of the new ordinance will be an increase in the number of Best Management Practices installed in the city and subsequently a reduction of pollutants entering the city’s stormwater conveyance system. The reductions in pollutants count toward the city’s obligations for cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. The modest reductions from development will help the city by having to spend less capital funds treating stormwater runoff.

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1. Why is the city changing the stormwater ordinance?
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6. How does this relate to the city’s new Stormwater Utility Fee?
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