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Proctored Exam Request Form

  1. Am I Eligible for a Proctored Exam at MRSPL?
    Please carefully read and check each box immediately below to determine if you are eligible to have an exam proctored at the library. Then fill out and submit the remainder of the form and a library staff member will contact you to schedule your exam.
  2. Not sure if you are a City of Falls Church resident?
    You must be a City of Falls Church resident (or employee of the City of Falls Church government or public schools) to use our proctoring service. Not all Falls Church mailing addresses are located within city limits--some are in Fairfax County (like Merrifield, Seven Corners, and Bailey's Crossroads). If you are not sure whether you are a City of Falls Church resident, please consult the Address Finder page on the City's website.
  3. When do you need to take the exam?
  4. What is the name of the school or educational institution with whom the exam is associated?
  5. Please provide a contact (1) name and (2) phone number or email at the school/program overseeing your exam. (This can be your teacher or the office administering the exam.)
  6. How long will the exam take?
  7. Will you be taking your exam in print or on a computer? If on a computer, will you bring your own or do you need to use one of the library's?
  8. Please let us know if you have any questions about our exam proctoring service or additional information that might be helpful in scheduling your exam.
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