Leaf Mulch

Leaf Mulch

As of Monday, April 10, leaf mulch is available for self-loading at the Recycling Center. 

Leaf mulch 2015
Leaf Mulch Processing

The City of Falls Church offers free double-ground leaf mulch to City residents, non-residents, and business owners.  Leaf mulch is also available in Fairfax County at the transfer station, and Arlington County.

The leaf mulch is the end-product of 5,000 cubic yards of leaves vacuumed from city streets in the autumn. Removing and recycling the leaves into mulch provides a far more cost-effective solution than hauling and disposing of them. This practice also benefits the environment; leaf mulch naturally:

  • Turns clay-rich soil into nutrient-rich soil, making it healthier for trees and plants
  • Releases water into the soil at a slow rate
  • Creates zero waste in the process