Neighborhood Tree Program

About the Neighborhood Tree Program

The Neighborhood Tree Program (NTP) is a partnership between the City of Falls Church and the Village Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS) to help restore and maintain a healthy tree canopy.

VPIS initiated the NTP in 2000 to facilitate tree plantings by resident volunteers in coordination with the City's Urban Forestry Division. VPIS raises money to purchase trees and works with the City's Urban Forestry team to plant and care for them in the city right-of-way in residential neighborhoods typically through spring and fall events. To see one example of past NTP efforts, take a walk down Randolph Street and enjoy all the native fringe trees (Chionanthus virginicus).

Request a Free Street Tree

Planting trees reduces summer temperatures and stormwater runoff, improves air quality, beautifies neighborhoods, and increases property values by 20 percent. If you have room on your property or in the City right-of-way within 15 feet of the curb, you may request a free street tree. Requirements include: 

  1. Must be a City of Falls Church resident; 
  2. Have room for a shade tree within 15 feet of the street;
  3. No interfering utilities; and, 
  4. Not subject to a required landscaping plan. 

If you meet these requirements, complete the NTP application form and submit it to the City Arborist (Charles Prince, and the Neighborhood Tree Program Coordinator (Amy Crumpton, Once your application is received, you will be contacted by the arborist who will visit your site to determine the suitability and confer with you on selecting a species.

Volunteer to Plant and Care for Trees

VPIS and the City coordinate NTP tree planting events in the Spring (late April around Arbor Day) and Fall and volunteers are always needed for those events as well as other tree monitoring and care tasks. Calls for volunteers for upcoming event dates will be posted to the City’s calendar for Environmental Volunteer Opportunities. You can also contact Amy Crumpton, NTP Coordinator, at for information.

Tree Care Tips 

  • Select a native tree species recommended for Falls Church if you have space for a tree. 
  • Mulch trees properly (no volcano mulching!) to protect their roots from drying out and guards them from injury from lawn care equipment.
  • Water your trees as they need it.
  • Remove non-native invasive plants growing on your property, particularly vines (English ivy, Porcelainberry, Oriental bittersweet), so that they do not climb into and harm your trees. Check out the Invasive Species Alert page for removal advice and more species to avoid. 
  • Your trees and shrubs create habitat so be sure to leave plenty of low branches to provide cover for birds and other wildlife.