City Vehicle Decals

A Note about Decals in 2020 and 2021

The current blue City vehicle decal will be used again in 2021. This decal was originally mailed in your 2019 Personal Property Tax bills. No new decal will be included in the 2020 Personal Property Tax bill. The decals should remain on your windshield or risk getting a ticket.

About the Decals

All cars, trucks, and motorcycles normally garaged within the city must be registered and clearly display a blue City decal. 

The City's parking enforcement officer will ticket cars without decals properly posted on front windshields. Failure to display a decal within 60 days of a new or moved vehicle entering the City may result in citation from enforcement.

2020 Vehicle Decal Sample

Obtaining a Decal for New Residents or New Vehicles

To receive a decal, your vehicle must first be registered with the City. Register Online or contact the Commissioner of the Revenue.

Once the registration is complete, the Treasurer's office will send a bill for the permanent decal. The decal will be mailed once the bill is paid in full.

The fee is $33 a year for most vehicles. Separate fee schedules apply to trucks, motorcycles, taxicabs, and buses. Decals must be purchased within 60 days by new residents or residents with a newly acquired vehicle.

Penalty for No Decal

City of Falls Church vehicles without valid decals may be ticketed in the cities of Falls Church, Alexandria, and Fairfax, the counties of Arlington and Loudoun, and the Town of Herndon. As of December 2013, the ticket fee is $50 (check city Code for most current fee).