Pawnbroker License Information

To obtain a Pawnbroker License in the City of Falls Church you must:
  • Petition the Arlington County Circuit Court via a court order for permission to obtain a pawn broker license for the City of Falls Church pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 40 of Title 54 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, subsection 54.1-4001.
  • Complete the Falls Church Pawnbroker License Application.
  • Provide documentation of the existence of a bond with surety in the minimum amount of $50,000 to secure payment of any judgment recovered under the provisions of subsection B. (Subsection B: Any person who recovers a judgment against a licensed pawnbroker for the pawnbroker's misconduct may maintain an action in his own name upon the bond of the pawnbroker if the execution issued upon such judgment is wholly or partially unsatisfied.)
  • Contact Detective Henderson at 703-248-5067 and make an appointment to complete the rest of the application process. The appointment with Detective Henderson entails having your fingerprints and a digital photograph taken. A background check is also done at that time.
  • Obtain a Business License from the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.
If you are going to buy, sell, or take in precious metals as part of your pawnbroker business you must also obtain a Precious Metals Dealer's Permit. If you would like more information please read the Virginia State Code about pawnbrokers.