Peddler's, Solicitor's, & Canvasser's Permit

To obtain a peddler's, solicitor's, and canvasser's permit in the City, you must:

  1. Complete the Peddler's, Solicitor's, and Canvasser's Permit Application. The application must be notarized.
  2. Obtain a surety bond of $2,000 to the City of Falls Church. Fill out the Solicitor's Surety Bond and return to Detective Dengeles at 703-248-5156 (TTY 711) or by email.
  3. Contact Detective Dengeles at 703-248-5156 (TTY 711) or by email to complete the process.
  4. The Business, Agency, or Company must obtain a City Business License from the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.
  5. Pay a $10 application fee to the city Treasurer.

A Note About City Code

The term "peddler," "solicitor," or "canvasser," as used in the City Code, shall not be construed to include the following:

  • Farmers or truck gardeners selling, offering for sale, or soliciting orders for any products grown, raised or produced by them
  • Vendors of milk, baked goods, groceries, or other food products of any kind
  • Persons peddling, soliciting, or canvassing where the proceeds derived from such peddling, soliciting, or canvassing are to be used solely for charitable or religious purposes; or on behalf of a qualified and filed candidate or candidates for public office; or on behalf of a political party
  • Salesmen or agents for wholesale houses or firms who solicit orders from or sell to retail dealers in the city for resale or other commercial purposes, or to manufacturers for manufacturing or other commercial purposes
  • Children of or under the age of 16, except when they are acting as agents of adults covered by this article
  • Route salesmen or other persons having established customers in the city to whom they make periodic deliveries, who may make calls upon prospective customers within their regular service area to solicit an order for future periodic route deliveries