Parker Avenue and Kent Street Traffic Calming

Neighborhood Request
In February 2013, residents living along Parker Avenue and Kent Street submitted requests for traffic calming under the City's Neighborhood Traffic Calming (NTC) Program. In their requests, neighborhood residents identified the following concerns:

  • Motorists driving too fast along Parker Avenue
  • Motorists using Parker Avenue as a cut-through between East Broad Street (Route 7) and South Washington Street (Route 29)
  • Lack of crosswalks, visibility, and lighting at the intersection of Parker Avenue and Kent Street - making it difficult for pedestrians to safely cross the street
  • High concentration of children (and risks to them) given the presence of a school bus stop and the Tiger Trail

Public Engagement and Planning

  • Following the NTC Program, City staff evaluated the request and brought it to the Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (CACT) for their review
  • The CACT invited the neighborhood to a public meeting on March 2013. At the meeting, the neighborhood discussed their concerns about traffic in the neighborhood
  • City staff and the CACT then worked to develop a recommended solution for traffic calming based on neighborhood comments and automobile speed and volume data
  • The recommended solution was distributed to the neighborhood in July 2013 via neighborhood survey. 73 Percent of the neighborhood responded supporting the recommended solution
  • Based on the feedback from the neighborhood, the CACT made a positive recommendation to the City Manager's office that the proposed traffic calming solution be implemented
  • In February 2014, City Council allocated $100,000 in funding to implement the proposed solution
  • At that time, City Staff was unprepared to add this project to their work plan before the new fiscal year (beginning in July) and could not work on this project without delaying other projects and putting state and federal grant funding at risk of de-allocation
  • City staff is now proceeding with implementation according to the below schedule:


  • City staff is working with a consultant engineering firm to complete engineering/design work for this project.
  • The draft designs (nearly 100% plans) are available here: Parker Kent Nearly 100% Plans
  • These designs have been reviewed by staff. Minor edits will be completed prior to the beginning construction.
Parker Kent NTC Changes
Scheduled Timeframe Task Status
July or August 2014 Meet with neighborhood petitioners and adjacent property owners held August 26, 2014
August through October 2014 Develop 75% engineering plans started August 18, 2014
August 2014 Possible striping, crosswalks, and pedestrian crossing signs as a temporary measure in advance of physical construction completed August 28, 2014
November 2014 Hold a public meeting to confirm that 75% plans conform to the recommended solution meeting held November 12, 2014
December 2014 through February 2015 Develop 100% engineering plans in progress
March/April 2015 Begin construction not started

April 2015 through May 2015

Construction (about 2 months) not started