Tax Evader Program

Ever noticed a vehicle without a City Decal on your street? The Commissioner's Office is dedicated to ensuring everyone is assessed fairly. When a vehicle goes unregistered in the City it may be potentially untaxed. If the City does not meet its financial needs the burden may fall elsewhere. This could mean higher Real Estate Taxes for owners and landlords, impacting citizens and businesses of the City. This domino effect can be averted if all tax obligations are met as anticipated. If you notice a car routinely parked at a Falls Church address without displaying a City Decal you can anonymously report the vehicle to enforcing departments for review.
For example: A new resident moved next door last month and still hasn't obtained a City Decal. More than likely the new resident does not know about the City Decal. Report the vehicle(s) anonymously; the Commissioner's Office will take it from there, and you can avoid a potentially uncomfortable conversation.
Possibility of Exemption
If the vehicle in question is not eligible for taxation under special situs exemptions outlined in VA Code §58.1-3511 and other pertaining titles it may still require a decal. The Office of the Commissioner will research the vehicle and make a final determination of tax status.

Duplicate Submissions
Please do not report the same vehicle twice. Since submission is anonymous a confirmation receipt cannot be provided. Rest assured, the Commissioner's Office will review all submissions. Duplicate submissions may delay enforcement.

Report an Evader Anonymously Online

You can anonymously report a potentially unregistered car online here. Please have the following items ready:

  • License plate number and state (vehicles without plates should still be taxed)
  • Make / model / color
  • Date vehicle was observed
  • Address where vehicle was observed

Falls Church City Property Tax Decal

All cars, trucks, and motorcycles normally garaged within the city must be registered and clearly display a 2018 green City decal as of November 15, 2017. The city's parking enforcement officer will ticket cars without decals properly posted on front windshields. Failure to display a decal within 60 days of a new or moved vehicle entering the City may result in citation from enforcement.

2017-2018 Winning Vehicle Decal