Broad & Washington Project

Project Status: Site Plan Submitted 

A site plan was filed on June 11, 2021 and is currently under staff review. The site plan is subject to public hearing(s) and approval by the Planning Commission. When upcoming meeting dates are available, they will be provided below. 

The initial development application and proposal was first submitted in 2015, and approved by City Council on April 9, 2018. Review the initial development application and subsequent submissions on the Broad and Washington Project Archive page.

A new development proposal with changes to the approved uses and site area was submitted on November 20, 2019, and approved by City Council on January 25, 2021. Documents and materials related to the 2019 development proposal are listed on this page below "2019 Application Materials."

The City Council approved resolutions TR20-33 and TR20-34 for the proposed Broad and Washington development project for the following applications: 
  1. Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Amendment: to amend the city owned parking lot on Park Place from Business to Mixed-Use designation;
  2. Special Exception: to allow residential development within a mixed use development; and
  3. Special Exception: to allow a height bonus above the 75' maximum height allowed in B-2

About the Proposed Development

Broad and Washington is a new mixed-use development project proposed by Insight Property Group LLC represented by McGuire Woods LLP. The site is located at the northeast corner of E Broad Street and N Washington Street intersection in the City of Falls Church. As proposed the project would include the following elements:

  • A seven-story mixed-use building with ground floor retail and theater use;
  • Up to five (5) levels of residential multi-family rental apartments (339 units) above ground floor retail
  • Whole Foods Market at the corner of Broad and Washington Streets; and, 
  • Four levels of underground and above grade parking garage.
Project Rendering as of December 2020
(View and download a PDF of the rendering.)


The site is bound by Park Place on the north, E Broad Street on the south, Lawton Street on the east, and N Washington Street on the west. The development proposal includes the following four parcels: 100 N Washington Street, 127 E Broad Street, 131 E Broad Street, and a public parking lot on Park Place owned by City of Falls Church.

The site is currently occupied by an office building at the intersection of E Broad and N Washington Streets, an Applebee's restaurant, a medical office building at the intersection of E Broad and Lawton Streets, and a public parking lot on Park Place.

Project Layout as of December 2020
(View and download a PDF of the layout plan.)


Development proposals of this scale must go through several stages of staff review and receive several reviews and approvals by boards, commissions and city organizations before they are considered for approval by the City Council. A general schedule with upcoming meeting dates are provided below. These meeting dates are subject to change.

Upcoming Meetings

NOTICE: Until further notice, public meetings will be held pursuant to and in compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Section 2.2-3708.2 and state and local legislation adopted to allow for continued government operation during the COVID-19 declared emergency. All participating members of the applicable public body will be present at meetings through electronic means; and all members of the public are welcome to view the meeting at meeting specific links provided on the boards and commission pages - links provided below.  Please visit the boards and commission pages for meeting time and virtual meeting links. The following schedule will be updated as meetings are scheduled:
Meeting Date/Time Location Meeting
July 14, 2021  Virtual  Architectural Advisory Board Meeting
July 21, 2021  Virtual  Urban Forestry Meeting 
July 21, 2021 Virtual  Planning Commission Work Session
October 20, 2021  Virtual  Planning Commission Work Session  
November 17, 2021  Virtual  Planning Commission Public Hearing 

Public Input, Questions, or Comments

City Staff


Special Exception (SE) Application Materials

Approved Documents (Approved on January 25, 2021)

Fourth Submission (Received on December 17, 2020)

Third Submission (Received on August 10, 2020)

Second Submission (Received on April 8, 2020)

First Submission (Received November 20, 2019)