W&OD Master Plan: The City's Greenest Street

Adopted Master Plan
Master Plan
The W&OD, an Amazing Opportunity
The Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park (W&OD) (which includes the W&OD Trail) stretches from Shirlington in Arlington County to the Town of Purcellville in Loudoun County. The park has a typical width of 100 feet, contains more than 533 acres and stretches a distance of 44 miles. The portion of the park within the City measures 16 acres, making it the second largest park space in the City behind the playing fields at George Mason High School and Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School.

One Park, Many Uses
The W&OD Railroad Regional Park, and the W&OD Trail serve several purposes, including:
  1. Recreation and Exercise – place to bike, jog, walk, play
  2. Transportation – connection to regional activity centers, transit facilities (including the East Falls Church Metro Station), and other bike trails
  3. Environment – tree canopy, open space, wildlife habitat, gardens, water quality (wetland along Four Mile Run)
  4. Economic Development – the W&OD Trail provides access to the City’s commercial districts; additional wayfinding information could direct trail users to City businesses
A Vision for the Future
This master plan establishes a vision for more fully utilizing the opportunities represented by the W&OD Railroad Regional Park:
Develop the W&OD Park as a Great Street and greenway within the City, a place that provides opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and transportation; preserves and improves the natural environment; connects to the City’s commercial and residential neighborhoods; and provides transitions between commercial and residential areas.
W&OD Park Vision
Date Group Type of Event
August 3, 2015 Planning Commission Work Session
September 9, 2015 Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (CACT)  
October 7, 2015 Recreation & Parks Advisory Board  
November 1 2015 Village Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS)  
November 18, 2015 Tree Commission  
November 19, 2015 Environmental Services Council (ESC)  
November 19, 2015 Historical Commission  
December 7, 2015 Planning Commission Work Session
January 23, 2016 Community Meeting Open House
February 2, 2016 CACT Action, Recommendation
February 3, 2016 Recreation & Parks Advisory Board  
February 16, 2016 Planning Commission Action, Recommendation
March 3, 2016 Recreation & Parks Advisory Board Action, Recommendation
March 7, 2016 City Council Work Session
April 4, 2016 City Council Work Session
April 11, 2016 City Council Action, Adoption