Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt

Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt

Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt 

​Extended through February 28! 

In lieu of many of our traditional events due to the ongoing pandemic, the City of Falls Church Recreation and Parks Department is hosting a Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt around parks throughout The Little City. 

February is Heart Awareness Month. Between Saturday, February 6 - Sunday, February 28, seven signs will be hidden in seven different City of Falls Church parks. Find the seven parks by using the Map Grid provided (PDF). Each sign will feature a Heart Awareness Month fact, featuring a special code word needed to complete the Heartfelt Crossword Puzzle (PDF). Find all the signs and complete the Heartfelt Crossword Puzzle, and you'll win a free Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt t-shirt. 

The Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt is free to play for all ages. This is the third scavenger hunt the Recreation and Parks Department has hosted since the pandemic started (Historic Scavenger Hunt in June 2020 and Hallow-scream Hunt in October 2020). 

You can download and print both the Map and Crossword Puzzle. If you don't have a printer, you can pick one up at the Community Center or make your own version of the puzzle using a pen and paper. Send us your completed Crossword Puzzle along with your contact information and t-shirt sizes by email to events@fallschurchva.gov by Monday, March 1, 2021 to be eligible to win a t-shirt. You can either send us a picture or scan of the form. If you don't have access to a smart phone or scanner, email us anyway and we'll figure something out.

Thank you to Family Medicine in Falls Church and ROCKSTAR Realty for sponsoring our Heartfelt Scavenger Hunt!

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