Oak Street Bridge


  • The Oak Street Bridge is open! Check out VDOT's press-release.
  • Bridge replacement is anticipated to begin February 13, 2023. 
  • VDOT will close South Oak Street between Timber Lane and South Lee Street to through traffic on February 13. Learn more about closures from VDOT.
  • The project is scheduled for completion in late 2023.
  • Find more updates and information on VDOT's website.
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About the Project

Oak Street Bridge is located over Tripps Run, between S. Lee Street and Timber Lane. The scope of the work is the replacement of steel beams and concrete deck. Ancillary benefits of the project are improving pedestrian accessibility and trail access point to Howard E. Herman Stream Valley Park. Watch the Planning Commission meeting from October 2019 when the conceptual design was discussed (download presentation).

Oak Street Bridge is a simple span steel beam bridge with reinforced concrete deck and concrete abutments. In 2012, Dewberry inspectors found the bridge to be in poor condition with a bridge rating of 4 out of 10. There is severe corrosion in the steel beam webs. Timber blocking was installed at locations where steel beam webs were severely corroded. Concrete deck has spalling and numerous hairline cracks with some exposed rebar.

The bridge has been on a yearly inspection cycle since 2012. The rating has not changed and there have been no major changes from the 2012 condition. Each annual inspection recommends replacing or repairing the steel beams and concrete deck immediately. Draft Concept

Project Location


The estimated cost for planning, design, and construction is $2,600,000. This project is partially funded through Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) funds and State of Good Repair (SGR), and is administered by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).


  • Right-of-Way (ROW) and easement acquisition phase: Summer 2021
  • VDOT assumes project oversight: Fall/Winter 2021
  • Construction contract awarded: November 2022
  • Construction starts: Spring 2023

Contact Information

For more information about this project, please contact Ryan Borugerdi at 571-369-1787 (TTY 711).