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11/7/19: DFU Fees and Plan Copies

Beginning immediately, Public Works will be collecting Drainage Fixture Unit (DFU) fees on all commercial work. The fee applies to any commercial project which adds plumbing fixtures to what is existing. As a result of this change:

  • All applications for commercial permits which include any plumbing work should submit three copies of the plans, instead of the previous two copies. One copy may be PDF. If only two copies are submitted, review time will be extended.
  • DFU calculations should be shown on the plans. Failure to do so may result in delays or rejections of the plans.
  • If review determines there are additional DFUs, a fee of $320 per DFU will apply. Calculations use the City's schedule of DFUs, which differs from the plumbing code. The fee must be paid before a permit is issued. It is paid at the Development Services Counter and may be paid separately or on the same check as the permit fee.

11/7/19: Closed Wednesday, November 27

The Development Services Counter will be closed to the public on Wednesday, November 27. This is our regularly-scheduled closure on the last Wednesday of the month.


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