Current Grant Awards

Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 Grant Award Recipients  

On November 22 the City Council approved the recommendations from the Arts and Humanities Grant committee to allocate $44,000 in funding for Arts and Humanities grants for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. The City will apply for an additional $4,500 of funding through a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Seven proposals were received for Project Grants for a total of $28,600, of which $23,500 were awarded. Four proposals were received for Operational Grants for a total of $30,378, of which $25,000 was awarded.

Recipients include Creative Cauldron, Falls Church Arts, Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation, The Little City CATCH Foundation, Washington Sinfonietta and the Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society. Details on their projects and operational needs are listed below:

  • Falls Church Arts: Two grants including $2,917 to expand their educational capabilities through new instructor recruitment providing a more diverse set of course to the community, and an operational grant to help with gallery rental for $8,067.

  • Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation: Three grants including funding for creating promotional, publicity and marketing materials for the 2022 Tinner Hill Blues Festival $4,083, funding for paint and equipment for completing a mural in the Tinner Hill Mural District $4,083 and an operational grant for administrative and general expenses $2,167.

  • The Little City CATCH Foundation: One grant to fund Watch Night, the city’s free New Year Eve’s celebration for $3,334.

  • Washington Sinfonietta: Two grants including a free holiday concert at the Falls Church Episcopal Church $2,333 and an operational grant to help cover their annual insurance premium $1,883

  • Creative Cauldron: Two grants including $4,500 to develop and premiere a new production as part of their justice, equity, diversity and inclusion initiative and an operational grant for office administration, utilities, and facility overhead $8,383 in City funding and $4,500 match from state funding.

  • Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society: one grant of $2,250 to fund a historic marker honoring the first Arbor Day in 1892.