Small Area Plans

A Small Area Plan (SAP) defines a vision for redevelopment in a relatively small area of the City, approximately 10 blocks in size. The vision for redevelopment is sensitive to the area’s history and responds to the current and future needs of the City’s residents, workers, and visitors. These plans are developed with guidance from the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan, which calls for refining the vision for redevelopment of the City's commercial areas. To date, the City has developed three small areas plans and is working on additional plans.Document

Revitalization Zones & Small Area Plans (Adopted 2016) - The Revitalization Areas to be designated on the Future Land Use Map for the City of Falls Church encompass commercial areas along Broad Street (SR 7) and Washington Street (US 29) that generally align with the City’s Planning Opportunity Area (POA) boundaries. The POA boundaries provide a guide as to where the City is promoting revitalization through the creation of Small Area Plans. The purpose of these Revitalization Areas is to designate where redevelopment will be encouraged. Link to Document

Adopted Small Area Plans

N Washington SAP Cover Opens in new windowNorth Washington Street (Adopted June 2012) - The location as a major gateway along Route 29, close proximity to Metro, and commercial zoning presents the potential for the area to serve as a catalyst for economic and community growth within the city. Link to Document

S Washington SAP Cover Opens in new windowSouth Washington Street (Adopted October 2013) The purpose of the South Washington Street Planning Opportunity Area (POA) Small Area Plan is to provide a framework for higher-density, pedestrian and bicycle oriented mixed-use redevelopment that takes advantage of the new Multimodal Transportation Center and provides a unique southern gateway into Falls Church. Link to Page | Link to Document

Downtown SAP Cover Opens in new windowDowntown (Adopted June 2014) -  The Downtown Falls Church POA represents the commercial heart of the City and has potential to become a local and regional destination focused around the regional crossroads of Broad Street and Washington Street. Chapter 4 of the 2005 Comprehensive Plan calls for a more urban environment in the POA and describes the vision of walkable streets, public transportation, and integrated civic and commercial spaces. Link to Page | Link to Document

W Broad SAP Cover Opens in new windowW Broad Street (Adopted April 2016) - This Plan will provide a general concept for the West Broad Street POA that can serve as a reference for the City, landowners, and developers to help guide long-term redevelopment. This plan assumes redevelopment will occur at a natural pace relative to economic conditions while conforming to the City’s vision. Link to Page | Link to Document

CaptureWest End (Adopted September 2020) - The West End SAP encompasses 3 POAs: The George Mason High School/Mary Ellen Henderson Campus (which includes the West Falls Church Economic Development Project), the Gordon Road Triangle, and the Falls Plaza Shopping Center. The Small Area Plan intends to highlight transportation and land use strategies for this gateway into the City from Fairfax County.  Link to Page | Link to Document

East EndCapture (Adopted June 2023) - The East End SAP is a guiding vision for future investments in the East End of the City. The Plan includes a vision for equitable development in the East End with an emphasis on anti-displacement, arts and culture, improved transportation infrastructure, and sustainability. The adopted East End Small Area Plan is the result of a significant amount of community engagement and collaboration. Link to Page | Link to Document