Chapter 10 Update: Housing


Chapter 10: Housing a Complete Community (Adopted 8/12/19)

Housing is tied to many aspects of community life, including transportation, economic development, education, health care, and the environment. Attractive neighborhoods, historic districts, and a wide range of housing types draw people to a community and are closely tied to a robust local economy. 

The 2019 Housing Chapter update is based on current demographic trends and projections and addresses the broad range of housing goals in the City. It addresses the protection of existing stable and historic residential neighborhoods as well as the provision of diverse housing types for future needs.

Railroad Cottages Render
The Railroad Cottages Development is a current example of diverse housing options offered in the City. 

Housing Trends and Issues

A number of housing issues affect City of Falls Church residents. These issues include the need to accommodate a growing population; the increase in multi-family housing and decrease in single-family housing; the high cost of housing generally; the increase in tear-downs and renovations; and the limited opportunities for low- and moderate income housing.

The City’s Vision Statement on housing (or related to housing):

  • Encourages a range of residence types in order to meet the needs of our diverse community by providing housing for all family sizes, ages, and incomes.
  • Preserves historic neighborhoods and promote neighborhood stability.
  • Protects and supports affordable living for persons with disabilities, the elderly and other special needs populations.
  • Ensures equitable housing opportunities for all based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status, or national origin.

Chapter Update Timing

June 18, 2018Planning CommissionKickoff Meeting (Link to Video)
July 16, 2018City CouncilKickoff Meeting (Link to Video)
July-Sept. 2018Community MeetingsPublic Meetings on affordable housing
July 2018-Affordable Housing Survey
April 15, 2019Planning Commission
(Work Session)
Draft Chapter Presentation
(Link to Document)
April 18, 2019Arts and Humanities CouncilDraft Chapter Presentation
May 1, 2019Recreation & Parks Advisory BoardDraft Chapter Presentation
May 8, 2019CACTDraft Chapter Presentation
May 9, 2019VPISDraft Chapter Presentation
May 16, 2019Chamber of CommerceDraft Chapter Presentation
May 16, 2019Housing Commission & HSACDraft Chapter Presentation
May 20, 2019City Council
(Work Session)
Draft Chapter Presentation
Link to Video | Link to Document
May 23, 2019Hist. Commission & HARBDraft Chapter Presentation
May 29 - June 10, 2019-Housing Chapter Survey
June 4, 2019
EDADraft Chapter Presentation
June 5, 2019
AABDraft Chapter Presentation
June 6, 2019
ESCDraft Chapter Presentation
June 8, 2019Community MeetingPublic Meeting on Housing Chapter
June 10, 2019Tree CommissionDraft Chapter Presentation
June 17, 2019City Council
(Work Session)
Draft Chapter Presentation
Link to Document | Link to Video
July 9, 2019Housing Commission (Work Session)Draft Chapter Presentation
July 15, 2019City Council/Planning Commission (Joint Work Session)Draft Chapter Presentation
Link to Document | Link to Video
July 17, 2019Library Board of TrusteesDraft Chapter Presentation
August 5, 2019Planning Commission
(Regular Session)
Chapter Adoption by Motion
Link to Document | Link to Video (@ 18:00)
August 12, 2019City Council
(Regular Session)
Chapter Adoption by Resolution
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