Broad & Washington Project Archived Materials

Past Meetings (2020)

Meeting Date/TimeLocationMeeting
September 8, 2020
VirtualCity Council Work Session
September 14, 2020VirtualCity Council Public Hearing
September 29, 2020100 N. Washington St.Walking Tour (Flyer)
September 30, 2020
Town Hall

October 5, 2020Virtual City Council Work Session
October 13, 2020Virtual City Council Public Hearing
October 21, 2020VirtualPlanning Commission Work Session
October 21, 2020VirtualBoards and Commission Town Hall
October 22, 2020VirtualHistorical Architecture Review Board
October 22, 2020VirtualHistorical Commission
November 4, 2020VirtualParks and Recreation Advisory Board
November 4, 2020VirtualArchitectural Advisory Board
November 5, 2020Virtual Chamber of Commerce
November 10, 2020VirtualEconomic Development Authority
November 10, 2020VirtualHousing Commission
November 12, 2020VirtualCACT
November 12, 2020VirtualVillage Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS)
November 18, 2020VirtualLibrary Board of Trustees
November 18, 2020 VirtualPlanning Commission Public Hearing
November 18, 2020VirtualUrban Forestry Commission
November 19, 2020VirtualEnvironmental Sustainability Council
November 19, 2020VirtualHuman Services Advisory Council
November 19, 2020VirtualArts & Humanities Council
December 2, 2020Virtual Planning Commission Public Hearing
December 7, 2020Virtual City Council Work Session 
January 4, 2020Virtual City Council Work Session 
January 25, 2020Virtual City Council Public Hearing

2015 Application Materials

Sixth Submission (received March 2018; approved by City Council April 2018)

Fifth Submission (received October 13, 2017)

Supplement to the Fourth Submission (received June 26, 2017)

Fourth Submission (received May 26, 2017)

Third Submission (received March 2017)

Second Submission (received December 2015)

First Submission (received August 2015)

Other Documents and Presentations