Library Construction Oversight Committee

This committee has sunset since the library reopened in 2021.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Jenny Carroll, Library Director
  • Marybeth Connelly, Vice Mayor
  • Molly Novotny, Library Board of Trustees Member
  • Jeff Peterson, Library Board of Trustees Member
  • Howard Reel, City Resident, appointed by City Council
  • Wyatt Shields, City Manager
  • Dan Sze, Council Member
  • Russ Wodiska, Planning Commission Member


The Library Construction Oversight Committee was created by City Council resolution on February 24, 2020. View resolution here. The purpose of the committee is to provide regular communication and oversight of the Library Construction Project status and progress.

About the Library Renovation and Expansion Project

In 2014, the Master Plan Addendum was completed analysis the space and the building on 120 N. Virginia Ave. The project was approved by the citizens of the City of Falls Church by referendum in 2016. Project design commenced and was completed in 2018. On February 10, 2020 City Council approved the funding and the construction contract for the project. The Library Construction Oversight Committee was formed to provide regular communication. For more information about the project and recent updates please visit the Library Expansion and Renovation Project page (make this a link).

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