meeScan Library App

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    The library will be closed on Monday, July 4, for the Independence Day holiday. 

    Mask Requirements & New Library Hours

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meeScan - The Library App

The library is proud to introduce meeScan, our new library app! 

What can you do in the app?

  • Pick up your items! Easily contact staff when you arrive for Curbside service pickup (more information below)
  • Mobile checkout (more information below)
  • A snapshot of your library account information including your digital library barcode
  • Access to the online library catalog for full account information

Getting Started with meeScan

Downloading the app

Download the free meeScan app from your phones app store or use our links below.

Note: when you first download and open the app it will ask for GPS and Camera permissions. For full functionality of the app, we recommend that you select the 'allow when app is open' option.

Logging in

The first time you log into the app:

  • We recommend you allow meeScan to 'take pictures and record video' and 'to access your devices location' while using the app for best functionality.
  • Choose the 'activate manually' option

To log in, you will need:

  • The Library Activation Code - 84026682
  • Your Barcode Number (located on the back of your library card)
  • Your Password/Pin (This usually defaults to your 10-digit phone number unless you applied for your card online and set a password then)

If you have trouble logging in or have forgotten your password and need to reset it, contact the library at 703-248-5031 (TTY 711).

Curbside Pick up

Curbside Pickup Hours

Curbside Pickup is now available during regular library hours. 

Note: During peak usage hours it may take staff a little longer to retrieve and deliver your items.

Why use meeScan for curbside pickup?

The library is committed to providing curbside pickup for library users even beyond the pandemic. The meeScan app makes this process easier for staff to manage and quickly fulfill requests. The app also allows patrons to see and monitor their status during the curbside pickup process. 

How meeScan Curbside Pickup Works:

  • When you arrive at the library, open the meeScan app and click the start button (if this is your first time using the app and you haven't logged in before, see above).
  • Click the 'Pickup' tab and then click the 'Let's Get Started' button.
  • Enter your phone number or email in the appropriate fields, as well as a brief message including:
    • Color and type of car
    • Parking spot number
    • Any additional information for staff (ex. picking up materials for another family member; just want a craft kit, etc.)
  • Then click the 'Request Pickup Now' button
  • From here, you will be able to monitor the status of your request, getting live updates as staff completes your pickup request.
  • If you cannot use the app, you can call 703-248-5233.

Mobile Checkout

MeeScan mobile checkout image

The meeScan app can be used to checkout library books from your phone! It's easy, quick, and convenient and can help you skip the checkout line!

How Mobile Checkout Works:

  • Open the meeScan app and click the Start Button 
  • The app will open on the checkout tap, then click the + button in the corner of the screen
  • This activates a barcode scanning feature. If you have more than one item to checkout, click the 'Scan Multiple items' button.
  • Aim the camera of your phone at the MRSPL library barcode (not to be confused with the ISBN barcode of the book). The camera will automatically capture the barcode, recording the item. 
  • Click finish- and they're checked out on your library account!

Note: When downloading and opening the app for the first time, you must allow the Camera permissions while the app is active to use the mobile checkout function.


Can I have more than one family members card saved on the same app?

Yes, you can add multiple family members from log in screen, though you can only be in one account at a time. There is a small portrait icon in the bottom right hand corner of the login screen where you can log out and log in with another card. It will remember previous logins to toggle easily between accounts in the future.

Why does the app request access to take pictures and video?

The mobile checkout feature is dependent on using the camera on your phone as a barcode scanner to checkout items. You will not be able to use the mobile checkout feature if you do not allow the app access to your camera.

Why does the app request access to your devices location when using the app?

The GPS feature is triggered when a patron requests curbside pickup and allows staff to see where you are parked during the curbside pickup process. This can be helpful in not only delivering your items, but also to help direct you to another location if you are in the wrong area.