Founders II

Founders II W Broad St

Project Status

A Special Exception (SE) and Rezoning application for Founders Row II was submitted on November 17, 2020. The project has gone through one staff review and has been introduced to City Council on March 15, 2021 and to all Boards and Commissions through a Planning Commission Virtual Town Hall on April 7, 2021.

In between the initial application and the presentations to City Council, Boards, and Commissions, a formal action was taken by Council on February 25, 2021 to update the primary criteria for how Special Exception Applications are evaluated. This may result in significant changes to the project between the first and second submission. 

The second submission, projected to be submitted in June 2021, will be evaluated under the updated primary criteria and will be made available to the public via this page.

Special Exception and Rezoning Materials

First Submission – November 17, 2020

Upcoming Meetings

There are no meetings scheduled at this time. 

NOTICE: Until further notice, public meetings will be held pursuant to and in compliance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Section 2.2-3708.2 and state and local legislation adopted to allow for continued government operation during the COVID-19 declared emergency. All participating members of the applicable public body will be present at meetings through electronic means; and all members of the public are welcome to view the meeting at meeting specific links provided in the meeting agenda, and on FCCTV (Cox 11, RCN 2, Verizon 35). Public comments will be accepted electronically and may be submitted to meeting specific emails provided in the agenda.

Comments may always be submitted to the City Council via the City Clerk's office,

Find information and past materials on Founders Row II below in the project timeline table. More meeting announcements and public comment opportunities will be posted here.

About the Proposed Development

The following section provides a summary of the development proposal and application status.

Scope of Work

A mixed-use building with a maximum height of 85 feet comprised of the following uses

  • Up to five (5) levels of residential multi-family rental apartments (319 units) above ground-floor retail.
  • Ground floor retail of 15,950 Square Feet along the frontage of the project on W. Broad St and S. West St.
  • 431 space underground parking.
  • Building height varies from 85 feet along W. Broad Street to 33 feet along Ellison Street.


The total site area is 91,270 square feet (2.095 acres). The following properties at the intersection of W. Broad St and S. West St are included in the development proposal under the current application: 1001 & 1003 W. Broad St (RPC 52-102-060 and RPC 51-102-065).


Walter L Phillips, Inc. / MCRT Investments, LLC (Developer)

Land Owners

1001 W. Broad St (RPC 52-102-060) is owned by Broad Street Realty Trust, and 1003 W. Broad St (RPC 51-102-065) is owned by TP Fourteen, LLC.

Land Use Actions

  1. Special Exception (SE) – to allow residential development within a mixed-use development;
  2. Special Exception – up to 30 Feet of height bonus for a proposed building height of 85 Feet;
  3. Rezoning The area currently zoned T-1 has been requested for a rezoning to B-1 to match with the rest of the site.

Project Timeline

DateMilestone / MeetingMaterials
November 20, 2020First Submission to CitySee Above: Special Exception Materials
March 15, 2021City Council Work SessionCouncil Package (Item 3c)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 1:44:45)
April 7, 2021Planning Commission Virtual Town Hall
(includes reps from most Boards and Commissions)
Planning Commission Package (Item 8)
Meeting Recording(Starts at 1:12:53)

Public Input

For further project information or questions, please contact:

Jeff Hollern, Planner

Gary Fuller, Deputy Planning Director