Falls Plaza (1200 W Broad St.)


About the Proposed Development

Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRIT) plans to renovate the exterior of existing buildings on both of the Shopping Center properties, improve pedestrian connections within the properties, increase outdoor seating areas, add bicycle facilities, adjust landscaping, and improve signage.

The proposed renovations will disturb approximately 36,808 square feet (0.845 acres) of land on the properties. A summary of improvements are as follows:

Proposed Landscaping Enhancements

  1. Retaining Walls
  2. Plantings, Vine Trellises
  3. Curb Edge Planters and Landscape Beds

Proposed Bicycle/Pedestrian Access Improvements

  1. Striped Crossings
  2. ADA Ramps/Curb Cuts
  3. Bike Racks
  4. New pedestrian access from Haycock/Broad

Proposed Vehicular Traffic Improvements

  1. Pick-up/Drop-off Zones
  2. Removal of curb to maintain drive aisles

Proposed Site Amenity Improvements

  1. Litter Receptacles
  2. Benches and Bench Walls
  3. Pedestrian lighting
  4. Dining Tables/Picnic Tables with Umbrellas
  5. Vertical Fire Element (Outdoor Fireplace)
  6. Provide heaters at new outdoor seating areas

Upcoming Meetings

Project is scheduled for Administrative Action on April 12, 2021. Please have all comments submitted prior to this date, and they will be forwarded to the Planning Director ahead of action.

Public Input, Comment, or Questions:

All input, questions, or comments can be directed towards Jeff Hollern, Planner, at jhollern@fallschurchva.gov

Application Materials

1. Submission Materials (Site Plan Amendment Application)

2. Comprehensive Sign Package

3. Presentation to Architectural Advisory Board (December 2020)

4. Staff Report to Planning Commission (February 17, 2021)