Harrison Branch (E Columbia St. / E Jefferson St.)

Status: Funding Pending

The project is anticipated to be funded by state grants as a part of the FY 25 budget. 

About the Project

The Harrison Branch, a tributary that outfalls to Four Mile Run, flows under the E Columbia Street neighborhood. The existing drainage system is severely undersized for the neighborhood’s catchment area: a single drainpipe serves a neighborhood of over 100 homes on a downward sloping 71 acres. Since 2018, approximately 48 homes have experienced flooding to some extent; 8-10 of these homes deal with some sort of flooding after any sort of rainfall. Stormwater related damage and frequency is worsening due to development of much larger homes on average size lots (including “pipe stem homes” or shared driveway homes), home add-ons, and tree cover loss, all of which reduce the neighborhood’s surface area for water absorption and exacerbates the stress of the existing drainage system. During major storms, both E Columbia St. and E Jefferson St. experiences severe road flooding, creating public safety hazards for vehicles and pedestrians. 

Proposed project work includes installing a larger stormwater sewer pipe, adding and expanding yard inlets, and grading modifications. The Harrison Branch Stormwater project in particular faces several challenges, including conducting work in FEMA regulated floodplain and resource protection areas, significant work on private property, and existing utility conflicts.

In 2020, the Stormwater Task Force identified the Harrison Branch as one of six priority projects due to the severity of flood damage and number of affected homes.

Trammel Branch


The City anticipates using State and Federal Trust Fund Grants for this project. 


Pending Funding: Design is anticipated to start in the fall of 2024.

Contact Information

Anthony Dudley, Stormwater Project Manager, Adudley@fallschurchva.gov or 571-238-6370 (TTY 711).