Park Ave. Great Streets & Downtown Multimodal Improvements (POA)


Design Stage

The project is currently in the preliminary design stage; 30% design plans have been submitted by the consultant for review and comment.

About the Project

Park Avenue Great Street

The proposed scope of the Park Avenue Great Street project is to install two midblock crossings, widen sidewalks and remove obstructions (including utility lines), adjust intersection geometry, and increase visibility at six crossings/intersections along Park Avenue between North Virginia Avenue and North Washington Street in the City of Falls Church.

Park Ave great street concept

Downtown Planning Opportunity Area (POA)

The proposed scope of the Downtown Planning Opportunity Area (POA) Project includes sidewalk widening, removal of obstructions, completion of missing links in the sidewalk network, and redesign of intersection geometry. The project focuses on sidewalks along North Maple Avenue and Little Falls Street, between Park Avenue and West Broad Street.

Public Outreach

  • Planning Commission – presentation made on April 6, 2022 (watch meeting online)
  • Willingness to hold a public meeting – notifications closed April 9, 2022
  • Public Hearing – May 26, 2022 at 7 pm at the Falls Church Community Center (223 Little Falls St.)


The City is using VDOT Revenue Sharing and local funds for this project (non-federal). Current project budget available for PE phase which will cover Survey, Environmental, and Design-related services is $1,670,000. The entire VDOT grant is $ 6,630,000 which must cover all PE, ROW, Construction, CEI and CFC staff time. The entire project budget is $11,510,000


  • Design - Summer 2021 to Summer 2025
  • Advertisement for Construction - Fall 2025
  • Construction - Winter 2025 – Fall 2027

Contact Information

Project Manager – Alvaro Astorga
Email –
Phone – 571-835-6795