Oak Place

Project Status: Site Plan Submitted

A site plan with variance and subdivision consolidation plat was filed on February 27, 2023. The site plan is subject to approval by the Planning Commission after public hearing(s). Before the Planning Commission finally approves the site plan, the Board of Zoning Appeals is required to consider the variance application following a recommendation by the Planning Commission. The first work session of the Planning Commission was held on April 19, 2023.

Project Status: Site Plan Submission 2.0

The Submission 2.0 was received on June 12, 2023 that has addressed issues raised during the Planning Commission's work session in April. 

The Planning Commission Work Session on site plan and decision on the variance application have been scheduled on July 19, 2023.

Site Plan Set


Variance Statement of Justification

About the Project

Oak Place is a site plan for redevelopment of approximately 0.36 acres (15,625 square feet) of land for a daycare center for children, with an enrollment up to 150 children of various ages, proposed by Oak Place LLC.  




The subject site is located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Park Avenue and N. Oak Street, consisting of two parcels, with a street address of 711 Park Avenue and 104 N. Oak Street respectively.


  Milestone Date
  Application Submission 1 February 27, 2023
  DRC Staff Review of Submission 1 March 13, 2023
  Planning Commission Work Session #1 April 19, 2023
  Application Submission 2 June 12, 2023
  DRC Staff Review of Submission 2 July 6, 2023
  Planning Commission Work Session on SP and Decision on Variance July 19, 2023