City and USGS Rain and Stream Gauge Program

The City of Falls Church with the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) have installed two rain gauges and two stream gauges.  

The rain gauges will record rainfall at the Robert Goff Operations Yard and City Hall.  The rainfall is measured in inches and is continually updated every 5 minutes.


The Stream Gauges currently measure depth of water at the location in feet.  In the future these stream gauges will be calibrated to calculate the actual flow in the channel in cubic feet per minute (cfs).  These gauges are located on Tripp’s Run at South Washington Street and Four Mile Run at North Washington Street.


The gauges are monitored through the use of the USGS National Water Dashboard (NWD). 

This dashboard is available to the public.  The NWD is a mobile, interactive tool that provides real-time information on water levels, weather, and flood forecasts - all in one place on a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device. The NWD presents real-time stream, lake and reservoir, precipitation, and groundwater data from more than 13,500 USGS observation stations across the country.


The USGS monitors and maintains the gauges as a part of a cooperating agreement with the City.  The agreement is a 75% (City) - 25% (USGS) split that will be executed with a 5-year agreement.

Stream Gauge - Tripp’s Run at South Washington Street

Rain Gauge - City Hall

Rain Gauge - Robert Goff Operations Yard 

Stream Gauge - Four Mile Run at North Washington Street