Stream Restoration Projects

Stream restoration is the process of returning damaged and undergrounded streams to conditions that are healthier, cleaner, and more natural for wildlife and aquatic life using Natural Stream Channel Design methods. Restoration brings many benefits to the local stream, Potomac River, and Chesapeake Bay - healthier habitat, cleaner stream, and less erosion.

If you would like to see a local, completed project in person view a map to Fairfax County's Poplar Heights Stream Restoration Project, which is located right outside the Falls Church city limits.

Project Selection
In 2005, a feasibility study was conducted to evaluate 23 locations for restoration and daylighting. The study prioritized the sites based on existing stream habitat, water quality, and extent of severe erosion.

The feasibility of the projects was determined by the cost of work needed, access to the site, impact on the natural resources, and reforestation potential.

Pearson Branch and Coe Branch were two of the locations given the highest priority.

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