City Clerk


The City Clerk's Office provides the professional link between the community members of Falls Church, the City Council, boards and commissions, and the City government. The Clerk's Office serves as a neutral and impartial information center on functions of local government and community, rendering equal service to all. Appointed by City Council, the City Clerk serves as administrator for the Council and maintains and preserves official city documents and also serves as the official keeper of the city seal.

The City Clerk:

  • Attends all City Council meetings
  • Prepares Council meeting public notices, agendas, packages, and minutes
  • Submits legal notices for publication
  • Prepares correspondence, proclamations, and certificates of appreciation
  • Maintains an electronic calendar of Council events
  • Manages the Council and City Clerk budget
  • Prepares, finalizes, and distributes legislation passed by Council
  • Updates the City Code
  • Monitors annual filing of conflict of interest statements by elected and appointed officials and certain City staff
  • Administers the oath of office to Council members, board and commission members, and police officers
  • Presides over the Organizational Meeting of the new City Council until the Mayor is elected
  • Serves as the City's FOIA officer and responds to FOIA requests on behalf of the City
  • Serves as the City Records Officer, monitors compliance with the Public Records Act, and provides training to staff on records management and best practices

Additionally, the City Clerk's Office trains City staff on open meetings compliance and best practices for public meetings; maintains all board and commission minutes; notifies board and commission members when their term of office is ending or when they are appointed or reappointed; tracks board and commission vacancies and appointments; facilitates the City Council Appointments Committee's monthly meeting; and provides technical assistance and guidance to facilitate public meetings.