Antiterrorism Task Force
The Sheriff's Office works with state, federal, and local law enforcement agencies to keep abreast of events and share information concerning weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as well as terrorism affecting the National Capital Region and the City of Falls Church.
Cell Phone Collection Program
Through the secure call cell phone program, persons who wish to turn in their old cell phones may do so at the Falls Church Sheriff's Office. The phones are reprogrammed to allow those without phone service to dial 911 in the case of an emergency. The phones are given to domestic violence victims, senior citizens, or other persons without phone access in the case of emergencies.
Nokia cell phone
Indent - A - Child
The "Ident-A-Child" program is a free service for residents whereby deputies create a booklet containing fingerprints of the child, and which a photo ID may be added. The booklet also contains a physical description of the child, which includes information such as height/weight/hair color/eye color - vital information for parents to have available that could assist authorities in searching for their lost child.
Police Officer fingerprinting a child
Operation Buckle Up
Operation America Buckles Children (ABC) is a national effort established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to encourage proper safety belt and child safety seat use. In partnership with other regional law enforcement agencies, the Sheriff's Office regularly conducts safety checkpoints along designated roadways, and issues citations to drivers who failed to properly buckle up children.

Man buckling up
Operation Safe Halloween
Since 1990, the Sheriff's Office has conducted this program to promote safety and responsible citizenship with the youth of the city participating in Halloween. Deputies on patrol distribute small treat bags to trick-or-treaters. The treat bags are assembled by sheriff's deputies, their families, and friends at an annual potluck dinner just before Halloween. The treat bags consist of 1 or 2 pieces of candy and crime prevention tips on a key chain or other item.
ROCS Program
Riding Our Children Safely (ROCS) program is designed to educate parents, caretakers, and anyone who transports children on the proper way to secure a child safety seat in a vehicle.

The Sheriff's Office offers appointments to check installed child safety seats or instruct on proper installation. Falls Church deputies are certified to inspect child safety seats through the completion of a 40-hour training program.
Woman buckling up baby
Smart, Safe and Sober
In partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Sheriff's Office works to increase public awareness in the areas of driving and seat belt use. Each year, Virginia law enforcement agencies target an area to educate and, if necessary, ticket drivers for violations including drinking and driving, seat belt use, and adherence to teenage driving laws.
Broad Street Intersection