Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle Registration

Obtain the required information for registering your vehicle or changing the status (address change; sell, trade, or dispose of vehicle) in the City of Falls Church.

  1. DMV Connect

    The DMV Connect visits the Falls Church American Legion as scheduled on DMVNOW.COM

  2. Out of State License Plate Fee

    Effective March 1, 2018 a fee will be imposed on vehicles registered with The City of Falls Church that have out of state license plates.

  3. Personal Property Tax Relief Act

    The Personal Property Tax Relief Act (PPRTA) of 1998 provides tax relief for the 1st $20,000 of assessed value of passenger cars, motorcycles, and pickup or panel trucks with a registered gross weight of less than 7,501 pounds and for use by individuals for non-business purposes.

  4. Tax Evader Program

    Infromation to report a potential Property Tax Evader in your neighborhood.

  5. Vehicle Personal Property Tax Exemptions

    Certain vehicle owners may qualify for personal property tax exemptions.