Environmental Programs

The City of Falls Church has a strong commitment to leadership in environmental sustainability, as set forth in the Council Vision for the City of Falls Church:

In the year 2040, the City of Falls Church is a welcoming and inclusive community – a special place in the heart of Northern Virginia. Involved citizens are key to the City’s long-term success as a leader in education, environmental sustainability, multi-modal transportation, and vibrant economic development.
 By investing in neighborhoods, community services and facilities, schools, and parks the City preserves small-town character and history while honoring a deep commitment to progress and a growing community. The continual rejuvenation of robust commercial areas supports the City’s high quality of life for all citizens.

Environmental Vision

The people of Falls Church believe protecting and nurturing a healthy natural environment is one of their highest callings. The city's public and private development reflect this belief in tangible ways. Parks, open spaces, and clean waterways are valued as recreational, ecological, and economic resources. Environmentally friendly residential and commercial buildings throughout the city incorporate nationally accepted benchmarks for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. The city integrates sustainability into all of its operations, including a strong emphasis on reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Comprehensive Plan: Environment for Everyone

The "Environmental Sustainability, Resilience and Natural Resources" Chapter of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Environment for Everyone, was updated in 2018-19, and was unanimously adopted by City Council on February 10, 2020. The chapter addresses how environmental goals can be incorporated in urban planning for the future and the development of the City’s thriving urban activity center. This should be done in such a way that the community is able to reap the maximum benefit from integrating natural resources with the built environment while also ensuring natural resources are protected and improved.

The process of community consultation that informed the chapter update is described on the "Chapter 5 Update" page.

Falls Church Commitment to Greenhouse Gas Reduction

In March of 2017, the City of Falls Church reinforced its long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability with the adoption of City Council Resolution 2017-12, our commitment to a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target for the City of Falls Church. By making steady progress towards the goal of an 80% reduction in our GHG emissions by 2050, Falls Church will be doing its own part to uphold the similar goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, through both local and regional action. Accompanying the resolution was a Staff report which explains the City’s approach in greater detail

U.S. states, cities, businesses, and educational institutions are taking action and upholding their commitment to these shared goals. We are not alone in our determination to proceed. The City will also continue to look for more federal support for this effort, not less, over the long term.