Library Cards

  1. Temporary Location Closing July 10 to Begin Library Move

    The library renovation and expansion project is coming to an end and the outside of the new library building is looking great! There’s still work that needs to be done on the inside including moving our entire collection into its new home and setting up public and staff spaces. Our temporary location (at 601 S. Oak St.) will close permanently and we will suspend curbside pickup service starting July 10 at 5 pm so we can begin the process of moving back into our library building at 120 N. Virginia Ave, which will re-open on Monday, August 16, at 10 am. Learn more...

How Do I Get a Card?

You can apply for a card Online

While the library is closed due to Covid-19 we will not be processing library cards in person, but if you or someone you know is unable to get online to create a card, call 703-248-5031 (TY 711) for assistance.

Fun fact: You don’t have to live in the City of Falls Church to get a library card with us! We serve a diverse population of the Washington, DC Metro Area. Please see below for more details on who can get a card.

Applying for a Card online

Apply Online here for a Mary Riley Styles Public Library card!

After completing your online application, a staff member will review your submitted application. Once approved, you will receive an email with information about how to access our digital resources. We will then mail your card to the address you provided during sign up as proof of residency.

Note: We are not able to regularly mail cards while the library is closed due to Covid-19, but we will mail your card to you as soon as we are able.

Who Can Get a Card?

You can get a library card if you reside, work, or own property in the City of Falls Church, VA.

By cooperative agreement through the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, residents of the following Metro DC cities and counties can get a Mary Riley Styles Public Library card at no charge:
A subscription Mary Riley Styles Public Library card is available for a $75 annual fee for Commonwealth of Virginia residents who live outside the Metro DC area. 

NOTE: City of Falls Church residents can also:
  • Get free cards with most of the surrounding Metro DC public library systems. For more info, click on the jurisdiction name (in the list above) to visit the library for that city or county. 
  • Register for a card with the Library of Virginia (in Richmond) to access many of their materials. 
  • Obtain a Community Patron card to borrow limited materials from any Northern Virginia Community College campus library. 

Can Children Get Their Own Cards?

Children can apply for their own cards; however, cards will not be issued to children under 14 without a parent's or legal guardian's signature.

How Long Is My Card Valid?

Library cards automatically expire after 3 years but can be renewed in the library. 

What If I Have Lost or Damaged My Card? 

If you have lost or damaged your card, you can obtain a replacement card for $1.

What Is My Default Password for My Library Account?

In most cases, your library account password defaults to the 10-digit phone number we have on record. Though, if you applied for your card online, you set a password when you filled out your application. If you are having difficulty with your password, please contact library staff and we will help you reset your password. 

How Can I Access My Library Account and Update My Card Info?

To view and update your library account and card information online:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your 14-digit library card number and password (in the upper right of the screen). 
  3. When logged in, click on "My Account" (again in the upper right of the screen). 
  4. From the "Account Info" tab, update your password, address, telephone, email, etc. 
  5. From the "Notifications" tab, update how you wold like to receive notifications for due dates, overdues, and holds. 


If you have questions about your card or library account, please contact library staff and we will help you resole them!