Adult Probation Services

Court Services Unit counselors provide probation services to adults in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations. Typically these adults are involved in cases of domestic violence, custody and visitation disputes, and child abuse and neglect. Given the nature of these cases, the Court frequently orders that adult clients attend such programs as anger management, individual therapy, parenting classes, and substance abuse treatment.

As in juvenile cases, the probation counselor meets with the adult clients to devise a supervision plan based on court orders and client needs. The probation counselor arranges the services for the client and follows up regularly with the client and provider to ensure progress. Should the client not cooperate, the probation counselor takes the matter back to Court for sanctions. After the client has successfully complied with all court orders, the probation counselor advises the Court that the case be closed or dismissed.

Family Support

Since adult cases also involve the defendant's relatives, the probation counselor contacts those family members to determine what other services or support may be needed. Victims of domestic violence often need support for securing a protective order, housing, legal counsel, and other services. Probation officers work closely with the Housing and Human Services Unit to assist such clients.