The Gateway (500 N. Washington St.)

​Project Status: Withdrawn

The project developer withdrew their proposal in March 2012.

​About the Proposed Development

Akridge, a Washington D.C. based real estate and development firm, is proposing a mixed use redevelopment project at 500-520 North Washington Street to build the gateway. The project would include:
  • One Class A, 73-foot (5-story) Office Building - 71,002 square feet with 12,270 square feet of commercial on the first floor
  • One 55-foot (5-story) Residential Building - 200 multi-family units with 5,083 square feet of commercial on the first floor
  • 504 parking spaces located in an underground parking garage (parking reduction has been requested)

Project Documents

Project Process & Previous Iterations

This project has been in process for over four years. Previous iterations of the project included five buildings: one commercial and four residential (150 residential units). Over the course of the past few years, the developer has modified the project a number of times in response to community, City Council, Planning Commission, and staff comments.

The more significant changes include:
  • Removal of the townhouses / apartments to provide a larger setback from Gresham Place
  • Reduction of residential building heights
  • Removal of the pedestrian portal to East Jefferson Street
  • Increase of commercial / retail uses

Public Review

The formal initiation of the public review process began on November 8, 2010 with First Reading of the Rezoning and referral of the special exception to boards and commissions for their review and recommendations. A Public Hearing was scheduled for December 6, 2010 by the Planning Commission. Second Reading and a final public hearing by the City Council was scheduled for January 24, 2011. The applicant is requesting the following land use approvals from the City Council:
  • Zoning Map Amendment from T-2, Transitional, to B-1, Limited Business, for 2.6 acres. This B-1, business zoning, is a requisite for the two requested special exceptions required to accommodate this mixed use development
  • Special Exception (residential uses in mixed use development). The special exception for mixed use / residential uses is required for residential development to occur on commercially zoned property
  • Special Exception (30-foot height bonus). The proposed project includes one building (office) facing North Washington Street that would require a special exception for height. The height special exception allows for building heights to exceed the 55-feet permitted in the B-1, Limited Business District, by up to 30 feet. This special exception would be to accommodate the 73-foot office building only. The other buildings in the development would not exceed the 55-foot height limit of the B-1 district