Electric Vehicles in the City of Falls Church

Electric Vehicles

More than 1.5 million electric vehicles (EVs) cruise America’s roads today. In 2016, there were 8225 in the Washington, DC metro area, and 46 in the City of Falls Church. By 2019, City residents had registered 155 EVs. EVs are powered by electric motors and use energy from the grid to charge the battery. Available EV models include fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which are also equipped with internal combustion engines to extend range.

A few of the benefits of driving an EV are:

  • Convenience – charge at home, at many destinations, or along the way.
  • Lower fuel cost – electricity can be significantly cheaper than gasoline on a per mile basis.
  • Less maintenance – EVs have fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance needs. The American Automobile Association estimated in a 2019 report more than 50% per mile maintenance cost savings for EVs compared to gas powered sedans.
  • Excellent performance – EVs are fun to drive with instant ‘get up and go.’
  • Reduced carbon footprint and fewer pollutants – EVs are more fuel-efficient than internal combustion engines and produce less than half the emissions. Listen to the recording below for a full discussion of the climate impacts of EVs.

Incentives, including a federal tax credit, are available to reduce the purchase price of EVs. Search the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s database of laws and incentives.

Charging Your EV

​Check out Dominion Energy's Electric Vehicle Charging Guide to learn more about the basics of EV charging types and locations.

Our area is home to a growing number of charging stations available for public use. There are four free Level 2 stations at City Hall, four more at the Community Center and two at the Birch & Broad shopping center. DC fast charging is available at the Shops at Southgate at 100 E Fairfax St, and at the Eden Center. Use the Alternative Fueling Station Locator to search for EV charge stations.

Incentives are also available to reduce the cost of installing EV charging stations at home or at a business, including a demand response reward program for existing and new chargers, and installation cost rebates, from Dominion Energy. Also see the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s database of laws and incentives. Programs are also available to help with the purchase process and price – both SolarizeNOVA and the Arlington Solar Co-op offer Level 2 charging station purchase options during their seasonal (Spring and Summer) campaigns.

Four cars at EV chargers at City Hall