Residential Solar Panel Installation

The city welcomes residents to install solar panels with the proper permit applications. The checklist can guide city residents in properly permitting new solar panels installations at their home. To comply with all local ordinances and ensure safety, please follow all the items below.
  1. Complete the following permit applications:
    • Electrical Permit Application
    • Building Permit Application
  2. When submitting the forms, please include the following:
    1. Detailed electrical diagram for the solar panel system, including:
      • All system properties and components
      • Batteries and interconnection to grid (if applicable)
      • Plans/diagrams do not need to be produced by an engineer or wet-stamped, but should be clear, legible, and show all important components and details
    1. Structural attachment details indicating size of fasteners and supporting members.
    2. Copy of Contractor's license for each permit application submitted.
      • Note: If installation is to be completed by one contractor, then only one license is required.
      • Note: If owner is completing the installation, include owner's affidavit in lieu of contractor's license.
  3. Submit all forms and diagrams to:
    Department of Development Services
    300 Park Ave.
    Suite 300 W.
    Falls Church, VA 22046

    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.