Housing & Human Services

Welcome: Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Housing and Human Services Department is currently closed to in-person visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, you can still access all of our services online or by phone.

One of the priorities right now is to help eligible residents with emergency financial assistance, emergency dental care referral, emergency food referral, Farewheels taxi vouchers, the City’s Affordable Dwelling Unit Program applications and questions, and other services that do not require in-person meeting. 

To requests services, referrals or information, please contact us at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or email HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov.

If you are seeking Health Department Information on COVID19, call Fairfax County Health Department information line at 703-267-3511 Uninsured City residents can seek medical care at Neighborhood Health Merrifield Center.

Key Programs from Housing and Human Services and Partners

Emergency Financial Assistance

The City of Falls Church is offering emergency financial assistance for rent and utilities for those who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. City of Falls Church, Housing and Human Services also serves as a referring agency for needs such as food, dental care for adults, and health care. For additional information, call 703-248-5005 (TTY) or email hhsinfo@fallschurchva.gov.

Quick Downloadable Flyers

Affordable Assisted Living: City and Sunrise of Falls Church Set-Aside Program

  • City of Falls Church residents age 62 and older, or immediate family members of city residents considering assisted living may be interested in a program that offers a reduced rate for room and Board. Persons under 62 with disabilities may also be eligible.
  • Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov
  • Read more details here

Child Protective Services (CPS)

  • We all need help taking care of our children. Please call if you’re concerned about a child’s well-being; want to report or discuss a possible abuse or neglect situation; or want advice, counseling, resources or help.
  • Call 703-324-7400 (TTY 711)
  • Read more details here.

Dental Care and Clinic Referrals

  • Dental clinic referral program is open to income-eligible adult residents with no dental insurance. Net annual income may not exceed $25,520 for a 1-person household or $34,480 for a 2-person household.
  • Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov
  • Read more details here

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Hotline

  • Domestic violence feeds off of silence and fear. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please call our hotline for resources and information about domestic or sexual violence. Our Hotline Advocates are able to help. Through our language line services, we can access over 140 languages. 
  • Call 703-360-7273 (TTY 711)

Emergency Financial and Non-Financial Assistance

  • Assistance with rent, utilities, referral for food, clothing, furniture, eye glasses. Housing and Human Services assess and assist with finding solutions for a variety of needs. Information, advocacy and assisting with applying for other services such as SNAP and Medicaid are also provided.
  • Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov
  • Read more details here


  • Virginia Career Works Center
    • One-Stop employment Resource Center Services available to City residents at the Virginia Career Works Center, formally known as the SkillSource Center (7611 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003).
    • Contact Fairfax County 703-533-5400 (TTY 703-533-5316)
    • Read more details here
  • Employment Training Opportunity for those 55 and Older
    • The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides temporary community service training opportunities to older Americans to prepare them for jobs in their community.
    • Contact Virginia Career Works 703-827-3782

Family Services (Department of)

Health Care: Medicaid Expansion

  • Contact Fairfax County Department of Family Services 703-324-7500
  • Since January 2019 more adults in Virginia have access to low-cost and no-cost health insurance through Medicaid expansion program. Call the Fairfax County Department of Family Services at 703-324-7500 or apply online
  • For other local information on Health Care, contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov.

Housing: Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program

  • The City provides moderate-income families with affordable homes through the Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) program. ADUs are located at the Pearson Square, Northgate Falls Church, West Broad Residences, and Lincoln at Tinner Hill.
  • Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov
  • Read more details here

Medical and Financial Benefits 

  • Visit CommonHelp to apply for or read more about:
    • Child Care Services
    • Energy Assistance (Fuel, Crisis, or Cooling)
    • Food Assistance (SNAP)
    • Health Care Coverage (Families and Children)
    • Health Care Coverage (Other)
    • Temporary Cash Assistance for Families with Minor Children (TANF)
    • Auxiliary Grant
  • Health Care Coverage: 1-855-242-8282
  • All Benefit Programs: 1-855-635-4370
  • Read more details here

Rent and Tax Relief for Seniors and Those with Disabilities

  • The City of Falls Church provides grants for Rent Relief (income less than $45,150) and Personal Property and Auto Decal Relief (income less than $20,000) to City Residents who are 65 or older or people with disabilities.
  • Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov
  • Read more details here


  • Fare Wheels Taxi Vouchers
    • Fare Wheels is a transportation program that provides taxi coupons for City residents who are 62 and older or have a documented disability. Yearly income does not exceed $37,000.
    • Contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov
    • Read more details here
  • MetroAccess
    • Contact Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), 301-562-5360 (TTY 301-588-7535)
    • MetroAccess, a program of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, is a shared-ride, door-to-door, paratransit service for people with disability. Apply by calling 202-962-2700.
    • If you are a City resident and need an application and/or assistance with the application process, contact HHS at 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or HHSInfo@fallschurchva.gov.
    • Read more details here